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No Tailgating in Tamiami Aug. 30; E.J. Starting; So is Women's Soccer

Well, this is disappointing.

Whatever the display inside FIU Stadium on Showed Them The Money Field, all agree that FIU's tailgating masses do a Miami school proud. Strong volume, both numbers and bass, tremendous enthusiasm. I love to do a tailgate walk before a game to get the creative juices bouncing. Many a synapse has been fired in the athletic department trying to figure out how to get all that to transfer from out there to inside La Cage on a regular basis.

Now, the tailgating has been shaved down to the Lot 6 strip on the east side of the stadium, says the layout for the Aug. 30 season opener against Bethune-Cookman.

No Tamiami Park. Florida Gun Show Miami is at the Fuchs Pavilion Aug. 30 and 31. The Children's Trust Family Expo is all over the Youth Fair grounds Sept. 13, the day of the noon home game against Pitt. The following week, there's a Wellness and Lifestyle Expo from Friday through Sunday, which encompasses the Louisville game. There's another gun show Nov. 1, the day of the noon Rice game.

The visiting tailgate is east of the Blue Garage. Kind of breaks up the energy center around FIU Stadium. And I'm not sure the smell from the soul food from the Bethune-Cookman tailgaters can waft all the way to The Cage.

For more tailgate information, click here.


Junior quarterback E.J. Hilliard's been named the first game starter for FIU. Logical move.


The first athletic event of 2014-15 that counts features the women's footballers, Friday, 7 p.m., at FIU Soccer Field, with FIU hosting Arizona. 

I planned to put on my 1992 Golden Panther Invitational shirt and write a full season advance for the blog and, possibly, print on the obvious dark horse pick for the Confernece USA title. Alas...



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Space allocation forms must be submitted two weeks in advance, yet we are just hearing about this today. If it weren't for Pikedanny, who knows if we would've heard about it at all. This athletic department is an embarrassment.

Was anybody surprised that we were not notified of the no tailgating. This is how this FIU athletics administration and it's clueless leader Pedro Garcia have shown to operate. Instead of being straightforward with us they try to sneak one by us. Garcia and his clowns have put the (CENSORED) It Up in FIU on a consistent basis. It's a bush league operation that will remain so until the used car salesmen are fired. I'm sure it will be tent city again at the stadium and they get radio finally but it's on a Spanish station with a radio team calling the games that probably doesn't know FIU from FAU. Mr. Neal am I to infer by the women's soccer reference that you were not allowed to speak to the soccer team? First you are banned from talking to the football team and now soccer? The entertainment director's juvenile approach to dealing with the media is appalling and eventually he will lose that battle. Turner must be pissed how the lack of coverage is hurting his team and going to hurt recruiting when kids see no mention of FIU in the herald. Meanwhile Rosenberg is cowering somewhere on campus too scared to do anything to Garcia while fat Albert Maury protects the entertainment director with the threat of something against Rosenberg that has yet to be uncovered by the herald. All this while the FIU athletic program continues to be a train wreck.

I'm with you hooter! What a joke. Bateman on point! Pedro Garcia la cago.

For those in the previous thread giving Mr grief about bringing up PG did in the parking discussion, the above post is why I did. It was a matter of time before the "fans" showed up, took a recent decision by the fair, and spin it that its Athletics fault.

Is it not possible that given the ongoing battle between FIU and The Fair over the fairgrounds land, maybe Athletics was not allowed to comment, or that they were only recently notified? Again, I don't care if you think I'm an apologist or not. I'm a realist and a realist doesn't believe that everything is a conspiracy. Especially when simple explanations are so readily available.

You don't find it coincidental that this is the first time the Fair rents out their parking for these type events, the very year they are in a contentious battle with FIU over land? Whatever favors they did in the past are no longer applicable.

And for the record, the university has a parking and transportation department. They do not report to athletics. Feel free to call them to reserve a spot and while youre on the phone, ask them when they were first notified about the Fair's decision.

What a load of crap, DP. What department are you working for in Athletics? The Office of The Athletic Director? Listen, it doesn't matter who made the decision to ban tailgating from Tamiami Park. FIU needs to make the fan base aware as soon as soon as possible.

You expect me to believe that FIU Athletics is not at all involved in Gameday parking? You want me to believe P&T plan everything on their own without anyone from Athletics? If that's the case, all it does is show just how incompetent the Athletic department and it's leadership is. Athletics NEEDS to be there when parking procedures are discussed. Athletics should also have parking and tailgating information easily available on FIUSports.com. Referring fans to Parking is lazy and frankly, unacceptable. You want to be D-1... FBS... The big boys? ACT LIKE IT!!!!

So dp first states that it is only two games because they rented it out. Now changes to make it seem like it's the current battle with the county after we told him it was every game based on the application.. You do have to work for athletics to have this little of a clue on how to properly run anything. Pikedanny and hooter are ion point. When was the school going to inform us of this? Gameday

Could this be the first step in the Attempt to close access to the fair grounds and begin charging vehicles without an FIU ID to park on campus...

Think I'm crazy, FAWho charges money to park on the campus lots..

Sad. Well I'm going to park on the west side of stadium.

chia, west side of stadium? As in Lot 7? That's not a Gameday lot. Probably best to just go to Lot 6, no?

Given that I'm still a student I just searched my FIU email for anything from athletics or P&T regarding this change. As I expected, nothing. The last thing I got was a notice about a Summerfest Color Party on July 30th.

How is it they find a way to screw something up big every year? The scoreboard, seating, and now parking...

Stop generalizing you statements the point. The athletic department apologists don't like you mentioning that type of stuff around here

Haters gon hate...

Oh, strong comeback DP. It's almost like Pete Garcia told you to stop posting on company time.

Its useless arguing. People that hate PG will never see anything else. No matter where true fault lies on any given topic, certain posters are only interested in attributing it all to either PG or the athletic department. They're gonna hate to matter how much their case is disproven. So what's the point anymore.

So you would have been ok showing up next Saturday, ready to tailgate with your crew to be told you can't tailgate because the fair has reserved the parking. Too late to get a spot in the village. I would have expected someone at the school to give the fans a heads up on this. That is the issue. No email to date from ANYONE at the school yet to inform us of this. We are told by an alumni who somehow came across it and then djn. How obtuse are you to not see that athletic dept or parking or fiu has dropped the ball on COMMUNICATING this out to the season ticket holders and few fans they have left. The fair does not make these type of decisions last minute. These events are booked out months in advance. This school and athletic program half ass everything and it starts at the top. I guess PG has you wrapped you up in his skinny jeans aura also. I'd be afraid to talk bad about him if I worked for him also

The Fair didn't reserve parking. It's THEIR parking. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, they haven't exactly been thrilled with the prospect of losing their home to FIU. So, is it so hard to believe that the Fair isn't going to make life easy for FIU? Again, its their parking. They don't have no notify anyone that they're planning on using it. That's like you informing your neighbors that you plan on parked ng in your driveway today.

To answer your question, if I would have shown up and found out they were charging for parking, I would have simply driven onto campus, parked for free, walked in to the stadium, and had a few beers. Life's too short to get worked up over dumb stuff.

I pray to god you never are in charge of running any type of business because you just don't seem to get it just like the department you work for.

I have my own business. And I'm doing just fine. Thanks for the concern.

How is Working for Pete Garcia called having a business. I thought he runs that place like North Korea

Because I don't work for him. But I have friends who do.

By friends you mean your coworkers in the same department?

well maybe the tailgaters bring some energy "around" the FIU stadium, but they sure didn't bring much inside it last year. More tempestuousness in a teapot, that is what this seems like to me. I'd like to see an offense that can move the chains on third and one, a kicker who can get it into the end zone, and some able replacements on the defensive line...oh what's that? Sorry to bring up actual football, fellows.

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