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Women's Futbol Predix; No Camp For You!

Fall's best hope for bringing FIU a conference title, women's soccer, was picked to finish fourth in Conference USA. Charlotte, from the soccer power state of North Carolina, is the favorite followed by North Texas and Rice.

Last year's leading FIU scorer, senior Ashleigh Shim, was picked for the preseason all-conference team after being Second Team All-C-USA in 2013. The women open the FIU athletic season Aug. 22 at home against Arizona. 


Just received an e-mail that all football training camp practices will be closed to the media. No mention of post-practice media sessions. I'm sure they'll come up with something.


This mostly curtails the usual detailed daily training camp reports here on the blog. It cuts the daily rail tidbits that run in the print Herald, as well as the occasional training camp feature. On the other hand, I get more time to work on preseason section stuff, take my daughter to summer camp in the mornings and cram in a few more Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes before the summer ends.



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Really disappointing..... hope things change.

The relationship between the Herald and FIU will most likely NEVER change.. I think both sides have been wrong at times and Im sure there is a good reason why FIU will not allow the Herald inside their door. At the same time Im sure the Herald has good reasons to never put together a positive story about their athletic department (even when we went to back-to-back Bowl games).

When I cancelled my subscription many years ago for the lack of effort in writing something worth reading I promised myself I would never buy another paper until things change (on both sides).
Well we are still int he same place we were 5 years ago..

At the end of the day it's a joke that FIU won't let any media coverage for it's pre-season practices. So the one media outlet covering the school can't get a depth chart breakdown, training camp report, etc. because why?? The lack of simple logic used by this Athletic Dept. administration is astounding.

I'm not a Herald fan in the least but I blame FIU's Athletic Dept on this. This is time when you want the local media giving you some pub. You want the local sports fans to hear about EJ Hillard, Jonu Smith, etc. Additionally, being that the Herald is the ONLY media even remotely interested in covering us (don't see the Sun Sentinel pitching a tent, looking for a scoop!) and our blindly-reactionary, crass AD shuts down access! Then we wonder, why no interest. President Rosenberg, please think WORLDS AHEAD and dump this load of an AD!

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