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Cheap and Shameless Plug

Promised my radio buds Randy Moller and Steve Goldstein that I would schill some stuff for them, so here goes:

The Panthers Game On carnival is scheduled for Friday at the BAC. Admission is $10, and that gets you in for games and autographs and all kinds of other fun stuff. This is a big deal for the Panthers Foundation, the team's charity. It's one of the bUkplug iggest fundraisers of the year. It's so big, all the players and coaches are required to be there. If a player isn't there, he's in the hospital. The Panthers take raising money seriously.

On to Goldie. Our buddy is hosting a hockey preview show on Tuesday night on 560 WQAM. It goes from 8-10. Goldie promises to talk all things hockey, and he'll have on some national guests. I can't wait to listen. I'll be on sometime after 8:30, so you might want to skip that part of it (I think Laverne and Shirley is on Nick at Night right about then).

Don't want to leave the TV  guys out. Denis Potvin and Dave Strader are both back from their  summer vacations up north and look ready to start calling another season. Haven't seen Craig Minervini, probably because he's still doing the Marlins. Frank Forte has been  around in Craig's absence, however, and it's always good to talk Hurricanes football with Frank. Except for right now, that is.