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Greetings from San Juan

Welcome to my newest little corner on the world wide web. Even though I'm not very computer saavy (as Homer Simpson once said, "The internet is on computers now?"), I'm going to try and bring you -- the Herald's dedicated hockey fans -- even better coverage than before. So G, what does that mean? Well, extra stuff we don't have room to run in the paper will go here; my thoughts and musings (go ahead and groan) about life, hockey and the American way; and just general junk.  Good stuff, I know.  We're kicking off this blog from the beautiful city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, just hours after the Rangers beat the Panthers 3-2 in the first pro hockey game in the Caribbean (still looking for those yo-ho-hoeing pirates). The Panthers are in Detroit today, but I'm not. A shame, I know. The end of this 10-day preseason roadie is just about apon me, but not just yet. I have more sightseeing to do. Buenas Dias, Fanaticos del Hockey (that means good morning hockey fans! I think.)