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Panthers to stand pat

Carnival_clown1 Jacques Martin had his GM hat on after practice today (Friday, Sept. 29) and told the gathered throng not to expect any roster moves before the season starts. He says he scans the waiver list every day, but doesn't think someone is going to jump out at him. "There's not as many moves nowadays because of the cap,'' he said. (By the way, this is exclusive blog-only content. Don't you feel special?)

"To acquire a player, you have to move a player. The game has changed. I'm new as a GM, but what I've gotten out of conversations with other general managers is that they used to talk every two weeks just to touch base. Now some GMs don't talk to another for a whole season.

"Even going back to Ottawa, we weren't a team that made a lot of trades. We drafted well and developed our players. We did our work in the offseason. We spend a lot of time evaluating and seeing where we need to be better.''

Also, Martin said he hasn't decided on alternate captains for the season. Last year, the A guys were Joe Niuewendyk, Gary Roberts, Chris Gratton and Sean Hill. Well, Hill is with the Islanders now so one can assume there is one opening. The even-money bets to fill one of those spots are Martin Gelinas and Jay Bouwmeester.

And, again, more bonus stuff for you the dedicated reader of "On Frozen Pond": Martin said it's likely Ville Peltonnen will start the season on IR just in case something happens (like an injury) and Florida needs to make a callup or grab someone off waivers.

Plan on heading to the carnival at the arena tonight. Going to play some of those midway games, hopefully win a stuffed animal of some sort. Will let you know how it goes. I'll be dressed like this guy/girl. Good day, eh.