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Back in Jersey

Rutgers_1Had a good time in New York, but now I'm back in the Garden State gearing up for a night of college football. That's right, I'm visiting that hotbed of collegiate football action at Rutgers tonight. The Scarlet Knights are playing host to UConn and I want to see if the unbeaten Rs are as good as they say they are.

The big news around the Panthers is obviously news that's a couple of days old, reports of a scuffle at a hotel bar early Friday morning. Some of the players wonder how something like this is news, but others know exactly why this is a story. And if this was a Canadian team, it would be brought up daily for at least two weeks. click here if you wanna...

And this story is so juicy: Late night partying at a posh hotel, bouncers getting involved, some roughhousing in the lobby. Blood! Stitches! Good stuff.

The Panthers put this deal behind them on Friday morning when JM put them through 10 extra minutes of sprints. He said Saturday he usually does this during the season, but I don't buy it. Not the day before a game anyway. My take is this: He heard about the incident through his peoples, and he was ticked. So he skated them. Good for him.  And good for the Panthers. They got to have their fun and paid for it with extra practice time. Now if Alex Auld would have been seriously hurt when he slipped in the puddle of water, ok, it becomes a bigger problem -- and a much bigger story.

The news:

-- Wasn't at practice Sunday (I was making the fun drive from Long Island to Jersey) but was was told the Injured Three (MVR, Bert and Nieuwy) didn't skate. MVR did some office stuff and I think he'll be back on Tuesday.

-- The Nathan's stand on Coney Island sells more than just hot dogs. They sell clams, chicken and Philly cheesesteaks. I had a hot dog and a Coke. Good stuff. Wanted to ride the Cyclone but it was closed. So too was Keyspan Park, home of your Brooklyn Cyclones. Couldn't even get a cap. The stopover did break up the cruddy drive though.