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Hockey is officially back

Sure was good to watch some good ol' pro hockey on Wednesday night, no? I thought OLN/Vs. did a pretty good job on opening night, but I wish my cable provider offered the hockey package. Alas, I must go searching to find the games somewhere else.250pxhniccurrentlogo

So, to those of you living in South Florida, where do you go to watch out-of-town games? Go ahead and list the sports bars you frequent where you know they have the hockey package off satellite. I know about Jester's in Fort Lauderdale, so throw out some more.

I know I would love to watch tonight's Vancouver-Detroit tilt for various -- and obvious -- reasons. Lot of good games on tonight and I need a place to watch them!


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i have directtv and order the NHL center ice package...so i don't have to go anywhere to watch! :)

if you can get your hands on it, it's worth every penny and then some if you just enjoy watching hockey like i do. you get 4-5 games a night most of the time. it's fun watching the west coast teams you don't see much down here...

I hope Vancouver loses. Because I always hated luongo, he is overrated. If he was such a great goalie he would have helped us win everynight. Yet he hated our team. I predict 4-2 win over Canucks. First and last time I will ever say this but go red wings.

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