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Lauderdale, Lauderdale!

LauderdaleGood to be back home, good to sweat again. Geez it's hot here! It was pretty nice this weekend in Atlanta, and downright awesome in Toronto (it was in the 50s this morning). Good to see our humidity didn't go away while I was gone.

Anyway, got to chalk this one up as a poor roadtrip for the Cats. Saturday night was awful in Atlanta, and the team didn't look that mich better last night in Toronto. If Alex Auld wasn't around (sound familiar -- just replace Auld w/ Roberto Luongo) last night would have been a blowout. Like an Atlanta-type blowout.

So, yes it's early. But Jacques Martin has to be concerned. This team didn't come to play, not really, in their first two road games of the season. While the effort was better Monday, the play really wasn't. Florida failed to get the puck out of its own zone consistantly enough to give Auld any sort of a break. When the Panthers did get the puck cleared, it was like they didn't know what to do with it.

Monday was an escape from Toronto, an escape with one point in the standings thanks to some heads-up play by Stephen Weiss in front of the net.

Expect the Panthers to play better on Wednesday. They usually do at home.


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Hi George I think the problems with the panthers is the lack of motivation. I mean they talk about wanting to make it to the playoffs yet they act like they want to be placed dead last in the NHL. We have such a talented team why wont they just act on there words. Do you think the Panthers are facing motivational problems or just down right lack of chemistry on the ice? I know there have been some major changes in the offseason. But if the team wants other people to see them as a legitamite hockey team they need to understand they have to play hard every night. If we did we would simply be unstoppable.

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