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Love them Wings

aol.Chicken_wings No not Detroit; Chicken wings! Everyone I know who loves hockey loves wings. And with the Panthers holding a Friday the 13th wing promotion (check below) I thought I would give you all a chance to brag on your favorite wings establishment.

I'm a big fan of wings, especially those from Rickey's in Hollywood. Yum. I'm also partial to the wings at Bru's Room (grilled, hot) and at a place in Pompano called the Circus. Those are downright delicious.

NOTE: After writing about wings before practice and talking to Juraj about them after practice, you know I just had to have some wingy goodness for lunch, right? Mad props to Quarterdeck in Sunrise -- you know the one around the corner from the arena -- for the wings today. Got 'em hot, they made 'em tasty. Good show all around.