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Philly Phallout

PhanaticTalked to JM about the Flyers mess, and he was understandibly against the firing of Ken Hitchcock. Not only is JM a coach, but he's friends with Hitch. By all accounts, everyone in the biz is bummed a good man took the fall for a cruddy team.

But anyhoo. Hitch will get another job if he wants one. Bobby Clarke probably doesn't want another job. He really did sound burned out. Retirement -- and some TV work -- might just be a nice future for a Hall of Famer. And speaking of TV work, keep hearing about the second season on 'Making the Cut,' the Canadian reality show in which a bunch of contestants try to make a team's training camp. Our boy Keenan was a big part of the taping this summer. Hope he's made available for press junkets to hype the show. Would love to talk to him again.

On to the news!

-- Alex Auld in net tonight

-- Bertuzzi out again, seeing doc tonight. could miss ny trip, we'll know more on tuesday

-- Peltonen is back! Well, on Wednesday anyways. And really, is he back? Technically, he's making his Florida debut. And he hasn't been in the league since like 2001. So, OK, Peltonen isn't back. But he's going to play. Happy?