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Prediction Time!

Nostradamus_1 My predictions come out on Wednesday, Oct. 4, in The Miami Herald's 2006-07 Hockey Preview section (check it out folks, it's chock full of information).

That said, since I'm putting my neck out on the line, I'm betting you all would too. Wanna be a modern day Nostradamus? OK, then how about just predicting some hockey? Knew you would.

We're going to run this contest through the begining of the Panthers opening face-off. Go ahead and post your divisional champs and five other playoff teams from each division; then, predict the Eastern and Western Conference champs; THEN, give me your Stanley Cup champs for 2007.  According to PinnacleSports.com, Buffalo and Ottawa are the early favorites to hoist the Cup this spring.

So what do the winners get? I don't know yet, but trust me, it'll be cool. Maybe something nice from the Stanley Cup Finals, maybe a jersey. Maybe a pizza party. Who knows. But it's free, and you can't beat that.


Here's the format:

Eastern Conference -- Southeast: XXXXX; Northeast: XXXX; Atlantic: XXXX. Playoff teams: XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX.

Western Conference -- Pacific: XXXX; Northwest: XXXX; Central: XXX. Playoff teams: XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX, XXXX.

Stanley Cup Finals: XXXX vs. XXXXX.

Stanley Cup champs: XXXXXXX.