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Bandit Packing up the Pontiac and heading up the road today, getting to the Panthers-Tampa Bay game the old-school way: I'm driving it. It's not a bad little trip, get to see some of the great sights this wonderful state has to offer (OK, a lot of trees). I love a good roadtrip. I like the movie Roadtrip.

If you have any good roadtrip stories you want to share, go ahead and post them. I won't see them for a few hours, but thems the breaks.

10-4 good buddy, I'm northbound and down. Yee-haw!


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Back in college, my friend convinced me to blow off my spring break trip to Florida and go see the CCHA playoffs in Detroit. I lost my $200 deposit but while most of the spring breakers got snowed in in the Smokies in TN, my friend and I enjoyed a balmy weekend in Detroit, temps in the 50s, and saw some great college hockey. My team lost in the final to LSSU but it was fun. Go Redhawks!

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