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Rough Ride in Tampa

JayhorseThings didn't go well for the Panthers in Tampa on Saturday night, and it only got worse on their planeride home. Coach Jacques Martin told them their off day was canceled and to report to practice Sunday morning at the arena.

The team reported -- only Ed Belfour sat it out -- with Martin and his staff working the team in a hard practice that lasted 1 hour 15 minutes. Not only did the team work on fundamentals, but spent 15 minutes on a hard skate up and down the ice. Most of the guys were on a knee by the time it came to a close.

The Panthers will now take today off instead, and practice Tuesday before taking flight to Washington.

The early practice time ended my fun little roadtrip prematurely. Got the call from the team around 12:30 a.m. that there would be a practice, so i had to leave the hotel at 7 a.m. Sunday morning to make it to Sunrise in time. Did get to eat breakfast at Sonic in Bradenton, so I guess waking up early wasn't too bad.


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Just what the doctor ordered.

Just what the doctor ordered.

good. maybe we'll quit getting outhustled to loose pucks 95% of the time on the road.

it's either conditioning or effort - tough practice should take care of either.

Finally! If I was there coach I would come to practice with a shotgun and threaten to kill them all if they didn't hustle on the road. Then also beat the crap out of the players whenever they have a turn over. (A lot of a** kicking would take place in the locker room!) Thats why I'm not a coach. Oh yeah IM F'ING DAVE!!!!!

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