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Rumor Mill

Peppermill Lots of things going wrong in Philadelphia with the Flyers these days, and they really need to beat the Panthers on Friday. Really. Word on the street is team chairman Ed Snider is totally ticked about the team's awful start and big time moves could happen as early as Saturday. The Flyers don't play again until Oct. 26 after Friday's game, plenty of time to make some moves. You think waiving veterans like Petr Nedved, Niko Dimitrakos and Nolan Baumgartner were big?

Rumor has it, coach Ken Hitchcock and GM Bob Clarke could be on the outs. Maybe not fair, but that's life. Hitchcock, good buddies with JM by the way, won't have a problem finding another gig. Clarke either. Both have done a lot in their years, but the thought here is Philly's got a big problem and Snider isn't going to sit back and watch.

And guess who's available, you know, to either coach or be the GM? You got it, Mike Keenan. Florida paid Keenan to walk away, and would get financial relief on that settlement if he signed somewhere else. And why not the City of Brotherly Shove? Don't know if the Flyers want Keenan -- he was their coach back in his early years -- and who knows if Keenan wants back in Philly. But think of the possibilities. Keenanduck_1

Sure would make things interesting in Philly, no? Keenan and the Flyers? Whoa Nellie!

If the Flyers were to fire Clarke and keep Hitch, doesn't happen. Can't see Keenan and Hitch getting along very well for a long time. Same goes the other way; don't know if Keenan would work well answering to Clarke. But if both were to go...

Keenan hasn't spoke much since he 'resigned' other than to thank the team's owner and the Panthers after he got his money. Been a solid move by Mike. Out of sight, out of mind. Didn't burn any bridges and look like a sore loser, either. He'll pop up again -- and that isn't a rumor.