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Swamps of Jersey, Part Deux

Soviet_1 It's been almost a week now since D Alexei Semenov was suspended after not showing up for a Rochester practice. It now appears more and more likely that Semenov will play in Russia this year and not return to the Americans (that's the Rochester nickname, not some political statement made by me....)

-- Last night the Panthers had to take a ferry across the Hudson to make it to the Rangers game on time because of heavy traffic going into New York. Thursday, theSpeed_2 team wishes it had such an option. Because of heavy traffic coming OUT of the city and headed to the Jersey burbs, it took the Panthers over an hour to make the five-plus mile drive from Weehawken, NJ to the Meadowlands. The player bus (some guys -- Martin Gelinas and Steve Montador -- were already here) didn't get to the arena until 6:15.

It's usually at the game site about 2 hours before gametime.

The poor Panthers didn't have much time to mill around, meeting with all the cheery, happy-go-lucky arena workers. Everyone is just so darned friendly here! (Seriously, though, this place sucks.)

-- C Joe Nieuwendyk has left NJ, on his way back home.