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The Ugly Panthers

Uglybetty_1 Greetings from the Verizon Center, where you could fit the fans here into the arena's nickname: a Phone Booth.

Jacques Martin switched things up, moving Todd Bertuzzi onto the Gary Roberts/Olli Jokinen line.

Doesn't seemed to have worked. The turnover proned Panthers trail 5-1 Capitals right now, the few fans calling up their buddies and telling them to get over here. The rout is on, Alex Auld is on the bench and Jacques doesn't looked pleased.

Ugly? This game defines that word. Yick. If anyone at home is watching this and hasn't switched over to something else by now, call the team and ask them to send you the official diehard card (it has Bruce Willis dressed in a Florida sweater!)

Of course I would keep watching the game if I was home, if only to listen to Dave Strader and Denis Potvin. Those two are pretty good, eh?


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New marketing add for the panthers.

Have not made the playoffs in five years, and we still suck!

im tired of hearing about brand new team. Why can't they just say we are going to still suck this year?

George, I love your pictures/captions. Very nice!


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