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Back in the Saddle

Pete_bw_2OK folks, I'm back and ready to blog baby!

Problem is, I'm sitting in Fort Lauderdale's cushy airport about to board a flight to Boston. That said, I don't have much to say (kinda like Ed Belfour!)

Tell you, it was freaky to watch Saturday night's loss to the Islanders. Blur the vison a little bit, and it was like watching Monday's Washington loss all over again. Not only was the score (4-1) and shots on goal (45/44) pretty much the same, but the pace of the game was the same too. Panthers trail 1-0, tie score; visitors take 2-1 lead; Panthers chase until late in the third when visitors score to make it 3-1. Then, the empty-netter.

It will be real interesting to see how this team bounces back in Boston. It was here where the team melted down around this time last year, forcing JM to put the team through a tough practice the following day in Raleigh. Shame of it is, the Panthers are playing pretty well on both sides of the ice; they're getting solid goaltending out of the Quiet One as well as Alex Auld.

Yet the wins aren't coming.

And it's probably going to cost them in the long run. This team isn't good enough nor has it built up enough wins to give up games like these. The Thrashers? Sure, they can lose games like this and chalk it up to not being their night. The Panthers can't. It's just more of the same.