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Anchorbar Got to love November in Buffalo, or at least Friday. The sun was out, there was a slight breeze and the temp was peeking its head over 50 degrees. Nice. Of course its supposed to pour tonight and tomorrow, so it's back to normal.

General news and musings from Sabre Country:

-- Chris Gratton's wife had their second child on Thursday night, so we're told. Gratton will miss tonight's game, is expected to return tomorrow in Jersey.

-- Folks have told me the wings at Anchor Bar near downtown Buffalo are overrated, that the place that invented the chicken wing as we know it is nothing more than a tourist trap. Balderdash, I say. (you don't hear that word very often, do ya?) Me and some of the traveling crew (Goldie included) polished off a bucket of hots this afternoon and were very pleased. Tourist trap? Yep. Good wings? Uh-huh.

-- Sabres goalie Ryan Miller will miss tonight's game with what the team is calling a lower body injury but what others say is some sort of hip contusion. Martin Biron goes between the pipes tonight. And again, the Panthers face yet another backup goalie. Don't mean a thing to the Panthers.

"They have two excellent netminders,'' coach Jacques Martin said. "I think last year when Miller was injured, Biron had quite a streak, won some games. He’s established as a top goalie. They have excellent goaltending no matter who you face. ''

Added Olli Jokinen, no doubt upset by something he read: "I was just reading that us and Philly are two of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference, so it doesn't matter who we play. When you read the paper and see things like that, it gives you an extra boost.''

-- The new Sabres logo is starting to grow on me. Looking less like the U-C Santa Cruz Banana Slug and more like the Kent State Golden Flash. You decide.


vs. Kentstate

vs. Slug2