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Safe, Sound and Sick

Thanks for those who posted and emailed me wondering if I was ok because of some incident down at One Herald Plaza today. As any of my editors will tell you, I'm never in the office, so I really had nothing to worry about. Still, kind of a scary situation and you hate to see colleagues and friends put through such things. And it all worked out, everyone is safe and back at work.

Except, of course, me. Watching the game from home tonight, fighting the flu.Flubug

If I was writing a story on me being sick, it might read like this:

This was the first game Richards missed because of an illness in his time on the beat; this was also the first time he missed a Florida game this season.

"It sucks to be out,'' Richards said. "But this will be a good opportunity for someone else to step up and do the job.''

And thanks to Kevin Baxter for stepping in. The dude is money.

Fly to Atlanta tomorrow, hope to post either in the morning or after the FSU-UF game. Good night.

-- For those who asked, our Panther feature for Sunday is on Stephen Weiss. Talks to the Herald on Friday morning, gets a goal that night. Got to love that.