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Toothless in Seattle

DancingtoothJust got back from the dentist office where I had my wisdom teeth taken out. A special shoutout to my new friend 'Percocet.' Gee, I feel pretty nice right now. Kind of like I'm floating.

Any-who, I don't think your favorite hockey blog (at least the one pimped at miamherald.com) is going to be updated for a day at least. Feeling kinda funny.

Hate to see Drew Larman sent back today (sayeth the Florida Panthers email I got). He brought some nice energy to the game last night and is a pretty good example of how perseverance and hard work can get you places. Dude wasn't drafted, still worked hard and made it to the NHL. I don't think the 10 minutes he played last night is going to be his only time in the Show.

Talked to him a little last night after the game. Said he was very nervous before his big game, but that his new -- and apparently temporary -- teammates made him feel comfortable. I am guessing the Panthers sending Larman back means either Nieuwendyk or Weiss will be able to play on Thursday against Le Canadien. I missed practice today, so I don't know. I'm outta the loop as they say.

And kind of loopy too.

Nighty-night, y'all.


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Hope you feel better soon and drink lots of milk shakes friend.

Wisdom teeth out? How old are you? Mine came out when I was 18 or so.
And you should tough it out - I never touched the painkillers I had after my operation. Hell, when I woke up from the anesthesia I even tried to get up and walk out of the office on my own. Sure, it was like looking through a tunnel just to see out my own eyes, and I only made it about 20 feet before stopping and waving my father forward to help me the rest of the way, but still...be a man!;)

Hmmm, now I can't recall what drug they used to knock me out.

On Larman: Jacques recognizes the kid's talented enough to play a solid portion of the game, but isn't keeping him up with the team? Boo! Fire Martin! Well, wait - don't, we don't need to go through that yet again.

Get well soon, G-Man! I once knew a carni that had his wisdoms yanked out by a Navy dentist. Only a local anesthetic was used. Then, when it came time to get his prescription filled after the surgery, the pharmacy was closed because of a bogus bomb threat. The carni panicked, went and bought a two-week supply of booze and drank himself numb until the pain subsided. WARNING: Don't smoke, G-Man. Dry sockets suck (no pun intended).

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