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Toronto Towne

Panpumpkin2 The Maple Leafs are in town, so that means the Panthers attendance is going to go up -- if only for the media that comes with the team. Goodness. It's was a mini-zoo out there today.

PS: the pic at left is from Tom, expressing his love for the Panthers by way of a pumpkin. Pretty cool what you can do with a pumpkin these days, no?

The news: Speaking of carving, Todd Bertuzzi had surgery this morning for his back problem. The Panthers hope to have him back within two months, but you never know with these kinds of things. The team called it 'minor' back surgery. Is there any such thing? They say yes, but I'm no doctor. I haven't even played one on tv.

-- Joe Nieuwendyk skated again today, says he is going to play Wednesday against the Rangers.

-- Ed Belfour plays tonight.

-- Need tickets for tonight? Visit Quarterdeck in Sunrise/Plantation across from Sawgrass Mills. They have vouchers for four 'free' tickets if you ask for them. Vouchers are for upper deck tickets, all you have to pay is an arena fee, which I believe is like $3 each to make up for the free parking. Can't beat that, no?