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U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no ALIBI

Bkuglyduckling Sitting atop Scotiabank Place here in the lovely outskirts (outposts) of Ottawa, Ontario. It's Canada's Capital City, you know (did you? Awesome!)

The third period has just started and the Panthers trail the Senators 6-0.

Florida's scoreless clock is ticking. At the start of the third, the Panthers haven't scored a single goal in 3 hours, 1 minute and 21 seconds.

Ugly Duckling? Ugly Panthers.

-- Trivia question: Name the last team to be shutout in three straight games.


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so much for building on the positives from last game huh? of course not. that's what good teams do. instead, the panthers implode the next game and get absolutley slaughtered.

this team just stinks - plain and simple. martin is a puck possession coach and this team doesn't have the players to carry out that system. he's coaching a keenan team full of gritty veterans and as we already saw, those two don't mix very well. when martin found success in ottawa he had a roster full of speed and skill - this team has none whatsoever. even our "skill" players are the "get your nose dirty" type in horton and jokinen. only weiss and olesz have an ounce of finesse in them and they're not offensive differencemakers. the keenan philosophy to winning is dead - we're seeing that now.

And for those thinking it - we wouldn't be any better off with Luongo. I don't care how good he is, he can't score goals. Auld got a shutout in Montreal and we still lost. Pathetic.

Jackman was waived Friday.
Interesting move.

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