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Break Up the Panthers

RobertsUPDATE: Florida ended up eeking out a 7-3 win, with Gary Roberts having his third goal pulled with Nathan "Tim'' Horton getting credited with Florida's seventh goal.

Quote of the night came from Toronto coach Paul Maurice (who has done a pretty good job with the Leafs this year, eh): "They were good. We were horse(rhymes with sit, spit, skit, pit and grit), but they were good.''


OK, so we have 13 minutes left here in Toronto and the Panthers have put up seven? Are you serious?

Gary Roberts has recorded a hat trick, another solid game here since the Leafs put him and Joe Nieuwendyk out after the 2004-05 lockout. Last year, Niewy had a hat trick here; Gary, if you remember, scored a goal less than a minute into his first game back.

So, as it stands, the Panthers have won two straight games, have scored a total of 13 goals in those wins and realistically, dominated Buffalo and should have at least gotten one point out of that 2-1 loss last week.

Pretty good road trip no?

And the crowd at the Air Canada Center is starting to thin out. After winning three straight, the locals were getting kinda giddy about these Leafs (one Florida exec has been joking that the city has been too busy planning its Cup parade to notice anything else). Yeah, when the Leafs are winning, the people here are nutty.

THE NEWS: Not much else to report, really.


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for whatever reason - the panthers just look alot more confident. no clue why - but if you watch them with the puck now you'll see the difference. before with any pressure they'd get rid of the puck as if it were a hot potato. now - they hold on to it as long as possible (without turning it over...) and it allows them to create some offense. instead of just chipping the puck off the glass, they make a good outlet pass.

i saw it more than a dozen times where the panthers showed enough poise to hold on to the puck as the leafs overpursued and they took advantage of it all night.

hopefully they keep it up...it sure was fun to watch!

George - gotta post an update. Horton ended up getting credited with the last goal, so Roberts didn't get the trick.

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