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Great Brown North

GreatwhiteAs a kid, whenever I thought of Canada or Toronto, I thought of Bob and Doug McKenzie, those Molson-swilling Canadians who taught a bunch of dumb Americans about Canadian culture: Calling someone a hoser, telling them to 'take off', saying 'eh' at the end of sentences. Good stuff still used today, eh.

They also often talked about bitter winters in Canada (Bob always wore a cool Canada toque), although lately, it's looked a lot like spring around here. The Panthers are visiting the GTA (that's Greater Toronto Area to you hosers) which means a lot of homecomings.

A lot of the guys are from the area, so they get to spend quality holiday time with friends and family. Not too shabby. The Panthers have a lot to complain about concerning their sked, but they cannot complain about their Toronto treatment. Both times came during a holiday (Canadian Thanksgiving the first time, Christmas this time) and there was a full off day preceding the actual game.

Toronto is fun, eh. Now, take off. It's time for ....

THE NEWS: Eddie Belfour gets to play in Toronto for the first time since the Leafs told him they didn't need his services anymore and cut him loose by cutting him a check for $1.5 million. The Herald could do the same to me and I would only ask for half of that amount. I'm not greedy.

(Belfour didn't have a comment for the preceding paragraph, but wished me luck in getting some sort of buyout.)

-- Stephen Weiss and Juraj Kolnik out today, tomorrow and Thursday too. Weiss is getting frustrated.

-- Panthers practiced today at the old Coliseum, current home of the AHL's Toronto Marlies. Nice little arena. Would go a see a game there anytime.

-- Gas stations up here have Tim Horton's in them. And coffee at a gas station Timmies was just as good as getting it at a stand-alone Timmies. The Dutchie didn't taste as fresh, but the line was much shorter than usual. Things you learn...