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More on Bertuzzi

BertuzziSpoke to Todd today after practice, and will have more in tomorrow's edition of the Herald. But, I have quite a bit left over, you know, stuff I don't plan on using. Thought you all might enjoy it. Consider it a yard sale of sorts.

Just don't steal anything off the $1 table, OK?

What are you working on in rehab right now?

"Just very boring, boring stuff. I'm just trying to fire everything up. It's still in the stage where you don't want to irritate it.

Lifting weights?

"I never did that to begin with. I'm biking a little bit more now, and been on the ice now a couple of times, just for five minutes, just to keep my stride."

Are you able to do normal stuff (I asked if he could swing a golf club yet and he gave me a dirty look. In retrospect, I would have too. That was a dumb question. I'm a dumb person. And if you're still reading this, cool!)

"No, nothing. I'm basically trying to find hobbies now to keep myself busy while the guys are on the road. That's basically it.''

JM says you'll be out 4-8 weeks. Closer to 4 or closer to 8?
"You've got to go on how your body feels. It's your back. Every motion, everything you use is your back. I couldn't tell you. I wish I could.
"It's frustrating, especially since I just saw on the board that we're only seven points out of the playoffs. Seeing that makes it even more frustrating. I know I'm capable of helping this team, especially if it's only a seven-point deficit.

On Joe Nieuwendyk hanging 'em up because of his back:

"I found it was just tough seeing him have to go out that way. Just a class act. Especially me coming to the city, a new team and all that, he was one of the first guys to come up and kind of . . . He was good and I was really excited to play with him on a line -- we had a little bit of chemistry going there early, but he went out and then I went out.

"Joe's had an outstanding career, Hall of Fame career. It was just tough seeing a guy like that go out that way."

JM on Bertuzzi:
"Those are facts. You look at Bertuzzi out and you look at Nieuwendyk retiring, you're looking at two of your top six forwards that you were counting on in the off-season for a fair amount of production. That being said, it's an opportunity for somebody else to step up.

"I thought since Nieuwendyk left, Stephen Weiss was our best forward the last three games. he's really stepped up his game, so we're looking for people like Olesz and people like Horton to raise their game. Some of our best players have to be better than the opposition's best.''


JM on Stumpel being back on the top line with Olli and Gary:
"I think Stumpel has been playing better lately. he's a smart player. he needs people to finish with him. I think you get more mileage when he's playing with better players. A good example is the goal on Sunday night in New York when they had a nice set-up play to Mike Van Ryn for the goal. Last year the second half, they were a dominant line. We're going to need them to be a dominant line for us to win hockey games. They're veteran players and they need to be better than the opposition's top players."

And there you have it. Don't forget to check out tomorrow's Herald for all the other stuff I have in store for you.

That's right: You thought this was good, you ain't seen nothing yet!