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Off to Buffalo

PlaneSitting here at Fort Lauderdale's international airport, watching ESPN and wondering if i could make up a blog entry.

Apparently I can.

Won't be at the skate today, although my partner in crime -- Sr. Kevin Baxter -- will be in the house making sure everything goes smoothly. Will post an update on who plays in goal tomorrow and any other pertinent info when I get into the Sunshine City. PS: Buffalo's new motto is "Hey, it's only 49 degrees today!"

-- Was good to see Denis back at work yesterday. Would like to send out my best wishes to Valerie Potvin and hope for a speedy and full recovery. Scary times for the Potvins. Glad it looks like everything is going to be OK. Denis says he'll be flying on his own to Beefalo tomorrow, so he'll be in the booth for the Sabres game. CLICK HERE IF U WANNA

-- Is is Buffalo Say-bers or Sab-rez? Soda or pop? And how come the Chili's in the airport never has jalapenos? It's in their LOGO for goodness sake. You'd think they'd keep some around.

-- My friend Jeff sent me these shots of his kid at the BAC. Cute kid, no? I have a few more that I may post in the coming days.

Jeffskid1_1 Jeffskid2


-- Word on the street is On Frozen Pond might be making a special stopover in Coyote Country for some football game there on Jan. 8. Not sure, but we're working on it. Gators or Buckeyes folks, let me know. If you like Miami and won't root for either, that's a cop-out. We know who the Noles are rooting for. Pick one: Florida or Ohio State. Give me a good reason why you are rooting for said team. Best answer gets a game program and whatever other trinkets I steal, err, find (provided I make the stopover from Vancouver in the first place).