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Beezer's Back

BeezerGood to hear John Vanbiesbrouck on the Versus telecast last night. Beezer's been working hard to get his broadcast career going, first working the Stanley Cup Finals last year for the NHL international feed and now getting some assignments on Vs. extra coverage.

Hey, it's a start.

Most Panther fans have a soft spot in their hearts for Beezer, what with him carrying them on his back to the Stanley Cup Finals 11 years ago (yeah, 11 years. Feel a little older after that did ya?) John still feels very sorry about his embarrassing incident a few years back and I'm sure it's something that is affecting him in this new endeavor. Let's hope not. Dude seems sincere in his apologies. Good to see he's getting another shot. And from what I've heard on television, he sounds pretty good. Not as good as our buddy Dave Strader, but who is?

THE NEWS: Went to practice today and had a good old time. No, seriously, I did. Good to see Anthony Stewart and Drew Larman back at the CSA; Booth is out, had his midsection wrapped heavily in what appeared to be ice (the team is calling it an upper body injury, but I'm going with mid-to-upper body injury just to be a little less vague.) David said he could be back Thursday against the Maple (make like a tree and) Leaves.

-- JM added that Jozef Stumpel will be a game-time decision.

-- Yes, I know its spelled Leafs.

-- Eddie B -- Mr. Talkative -- in net tonight.  Went to talk to him about the start and dude just wouldn't shut up! When you get him going, its just yap, yap, yap. Found out his favorite color is blue, favorite TV show is All My Children and favorite flavour (for you Canadian readers) of ice cream is Phish Food. OK, made that last one up*.

-- Panthers are having an All-Star Game watch party next Wednesday night. I'd be there but I have to be in Dallas for some dumb assignment that evening. It's at All Stars Sports Bar in the Margate/Coral Springs/Deerfield Beach area on Sample Rd. and Powerline. It's between the T-pike and I-95 and is a cool place to watch a game -- or anything else you like watching. It's not my favorite place in that particular neighbourhood (again, my friends from Canada, you're welcome) but it still gets the G-Man stamp of approval.

(*) -- OK, I made all of that up. Haven't talked to Eddie B in days, if not weeks. And I hear his favorite TV show is General Hospital. So, there's that.