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Dallas Day 2

DallasSorry, no pics from my Treo today. Not unless you wanted a shot of Gary Bettman or JM or even Michael Yormark.

Lots of news and notes today, most going in tomorrow's editions of The Herald. But, here's stuff I can give you: The Panthers were one of the teams that wanted a change in the schedule (big shock) but the current system stays in place at least one more season. That means eight games through the division and playing only 10 of the 15 teams from the Western Conference next year.

So, Cat Fans, it looks like Roberto Luongo and the rest of the Northwest Division are coming to Sunrise next year. The Panthers will travel to the Central and not play the Pacific.

-- Michael Yormark gave a mini State of the Panthers address Tuesday after the Board of Governor's meeting. Said some good stuff about the team, but then again, he usually does.

-- JM was asked if he was trading Gary Roberts and he basically said no. Not with the Panthers so close to a playoff spot. Lets wait and see how the next couple weeks pan out.

-- JayBo will participate in a few things tonight during the Skills Competition. Here are the highlights of what's going down tonight. It's on Versus, so, good luck:

Event 1 -- Puck Control relay; Jay in Race 2 individual vs. Rick Nash

E 2 -- Fastest Skater; East (Staal, Campbell, Ovechkin); West (Marleau, Guerin, McDonald)

E3 -- Shootout 1...Goalies West Turco vs. East Huet

E4 -- Hardest shot

E5 -- Shootout 2...Goalies Kiprusoff vs. Brodeur

E6 -- Shooting Accuracy

E7 -- In the Zone; Round 3 involves JayBo, Ovechkin and Vinny LeCav vs. Luongo; JovoCop in Round 1 vs. Huet

E8 -- Shootout 3....Heatley, Vinny, Blake and Ovechkin vs. Luongo...Miller in net for East

E9 -- 1-on-1 shootout...The Grand Finale

Sidney vs. Luongo; Selanne vs. Miller