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Greatest Thing Ever!

A special thanks to Matty for pointing out that the Panthers intro video can be seen by anyone at anytime on YouTube. Just watched it again, and I'm dead serious, it cracks me up every time I watch it. I honestly look forward to weekend games at CSA just to see this cheesefest. Now I can watch it anytime. Isn't America great?

And who knew Todd Bertuzzi could play piano?

Enjoy! And thanks again Matty.


And here's a bonus; Jamie McLennan playing Roberto Luongo's backup. Great stuff.


Now if someone could put last year's video (with JM and MKeenan yukking it up Mission Impossible style) that would be great. Really great.


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The Noodles and Louie one is my favorite, see McLennan has a real good sense of humor and can do a bit of acting.

Meanwhile, I don't know if there's another Panther with less emotion than Olli Jokinen, what's he powered by anyway? Bertuzzi playing piano is pretty funny, he should be healing his back, not working on the Rach 3. Weiss is a "playa" though his girl doesn't seem to be mind being left alone.

Also, do the Cats rub Jokinen, Horton, and Auld's heads before the games for good luck?

Oh man, that was beautiful. I'm from out of state, so I've never seen that. Stephen is right about Olli - he may be the team leader, but he probably shouldn't have been handed this starring role. I kept thinking (silly me) that there would be some narrative point to it, that Olli was rounding them up for some off-the-ice mission. But no, he wanted them to play hockey. So is the message that only Olli has access to the game schedule?

Question for you George---

How did they fit all of those guys into a RAV-4? At least give them a Sequoia!

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