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Greetings from the Garden State

JrewingYep, that's right, blogging from deep in the hearta Texas. Don't know why they call it the Garden State since everything looks the same shade of brown, but hey, there are parts of New Jersey that aren't so nice either.

Oh, of course I know Texas is called the Lone Star State, just funnin' with you. People here are proud to be Texans, as the number of Texas flags flying from buildings along the highway leading from the airport to the hotel is just staggering. Seriously, I think there is a state law that says if you own a business in Texas, you got to have at least one flagpole. Although most places have two or three.

Anywho, the All-Star Game is in town this week, and it's being played on a Wednesday. Seems the NHL doesn't want anyone to watch this game. Not only is it on Vs. (Unofficial motto No. 1: Try and Find Us on your Cable Dial. We Dare You.), but it's going against American Idol.

Um, OK. I understand the NHL didn't want to get its All-Star Festival of the Stars lost in the shuffle of the weekend. But the NFL is on hiatus this weekend. If the league is scared to go up against whatever is being put on this weekend instead of football, well, we're in trouble here folks.

Now, apparently, the All-Star Game is about to become second-to-third fiddle in its hometown. Bill Parcells, once a great coach, has reportedly stepped down as coach of Dallas' Arena Football League team, the Desperados. It's a tough day for the Desperados, a team that plays its games in a domed stadium that never seemed to get finished. Feel bad for that team. Have they ever won anything? Anyway, that's pretty big news out here in Cowboy Country. Maybe TO will drop the ceremonial puck Wednesday; he seems to have dropped plenty of passes this year (OH!).
Texasstadium Parcells


OK, enough talk about futbol. Off to check out the new uniforms here in a moment, and then off to downtown for a business appointment with an oil man who wants to sponsor "On Frozen Pond" for the week. Never heard of Ewing Oil, but whatever. This fella, name of J.R. I believe, is going to take me out to lunch on his ranch.

I just hope it's not called Neverland.


PS: Did you know the Alamo does not have a basement? That's something you don't learn in school kids.

PPS: To read a little more official All-Star Game stuff, saunter over to Matt Sacco's blog on the Panthers website. Mattie's a good boy (try repeating that line with an Irish accent for kicks) and is here to serve you, the loyal hockey reader. I am too, but that's not the point. DOYA WANNA CLICK HERE? Love the line about the Flute with no holes. Obviously a fan of Caddyshack and a reader of this blog. Here's to ya Mattie!