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Milestones, Memories and Commercials

The Panthers celebrated their 1,000th game in franchise history Tuesday night, although you wouldn't have known if you were in the arena (and judging by the thousands of empty seats, it's safe to say you weren't).

The team finally announced to the crowd that it was a milestone game with 3:45 left in the first period. Until then, there had been no mention of the occasion. They have mentioned a few sponsors, but that goes without saying.

Instead of celebrating the team's history, we got more of the same commercials the fans here are subjected to every game. None of these could have been postponed for one night? We really needed a 30 second spot pimping a Placido Domingo concert that isn't until March?

Kudos to the broadcast team for using their pregame show to celebrate what little history this team has.

It sure didn't seem like the Panthers organization cared a whole lot about it.