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Reunion Time!

CchsWell, the Canucks are about the take on the Panthers and it's time for old chums to shake hands and catch up old times.

Roberto Luongo: Hey, Olli Jokinen! How you been man? Been a while. Hope all is good with you bro.

Olli Jokinen: Things could be better, but I'm hanging in.

RL: You do that. So, what are you up to these days?

OJ: I'm captain of the Florida Panthers.

RL: The Panthers? I didn't even know Florida still had a hockey team!

OJ: Oh yeah. We have uniforms and everything. It's really great.

Alright, so I stole that last line from 'Major League.' Actually, Olli went to Roberto's home for dinner last night. Roberto's father-in-law cooked, and if you've ever been to Pizza Time in Coral Springs, you know Olli ate well. I would have ordered, err, asked for the chicken parm.

THE NEWS: Juraj and Gary still out of the lineup because of their injuries. JM hopes they are better in time for Wednesday's game against the Pittsburgh/KC Crosbys. We shall wait and see.

-- Raise a glass for center Kamil Kreps. Dude made his NHL debut on Sunday night. He goes into the Panthers record book wearing No. 54. Other great Panthers to wear that number include, well, Kamil Kreps! Good for him. Gets his own line in the media guide next year.

-- How big is Roberto Luongo in Vancouver? Check out this larger-than-life billboard atop their arena: Louiebillboard

-- Who else is annoyed with those Chevy Truck commerical featuring John Mellancamp's 'Our Country?' Well, they've made it a Canadian commercial as well, obviously leaving out all the American references so the song -- which is supposed to be a bit patriotic -- could be played in any country. Wonder if Chevy is running the ads during telecasts of Russian hockey? Iranian wrestling matches? Brazilian volleyball matches? Anyway, they are just as annoying here as they are back home. I know things are tough at GM, but geez, change the ads! It makes you look cheap.