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Spring Break!

ElboroomTime for the Panthers to take a few days off, recharge the batteries.
Beating Washington on Saturday afternoon sure was a good way to head out on the break.

Some of the guys are headed home, some are going to hang out and enjoy the beautiful South Florida weather. Going to be a lot of golf and fishing on the agenda.

Jay Bouwmeester isn't getting the week off, he's got a date in Wednesday's All-Star Game. JM will be out in Dallas too, the big GM's meeting going down. The Panthers are going to likely vote to change the schedule, JM saying numerous times that each team needs to play each other at least once. I concur. This current sked isn't working and needs to be tweaked. I hope it happens -- even though it means more trips out west which means less time at home. Oh well.

Hope to blog daily from Dallas, keep you all informed of what's going on out there. Will be there Monday morning for the new uniform unveiling so stay tuned for that.