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Super Week

SupershuffleSeems to be a pretty busy week here in SoFla, what with the Panthers playing two home games and everything.

Seriously, what's all the fuss? The Panthers play home games all the time. I don't know why everyone's coming to town just to see Washington and LA, but, OK.

On a serious note, didn't the NHL schedule makers realize this is Super Bowl week? Couldn't the Panthers play three home games this week, maybe one featuring Sidney Crosby? Look at Thursday's Heat game and count the celebrities in the crowd. Going to be packed. Compare that to Thursday's Panthers game. Different deal baby. The Panthers are just hoping hockey fan Denis Leary shows up. Or at the very, very least, Cuba Gooding Jr.

Off to the tropics tonight, looking forward to hanging out in Pittsburgh for the next two evenings. Leaving the sandals and the shorts at home. Don't think I'll wear either on this trip.