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Tuesdays With Eddie

PierreIntroducing a new feature to On Frozen Pond, a definite Miami Herald exclusive.

Each Tuesday, I'm going to visit with Panthers goalie Ed Belfour. He's played his way into becoming Florida's top netminder, and I think people would like to get to know 'Eddie the Eagle' a little better.

Unfortunately, Ed doesn't talk very much these days -- especially if you are a member of the South Florida media. Heck, some days you don't even get a grunt.  At today's skate in Pittsburgh, assistant coach Pierre Groulx put on the pads and filled in for Eddie so Eddie could do what he does when he's not on the ice.

Groulx does this from time to time, and as Eddie's practice replacement, he is serving as this week's blog replacement for Eddie. PS: That's Pierre pictured above. Took photo with my cellphone so it's a little crappy. Kind of like Mellon Arena (OH!)

So, with apologies to the Dan LeBatard Show on 790 The Ticket, here is our interview with the fake Eddie Belfour:

On Frozen Pond: You seemed a little frustrated out there in practice. You OK?

Fake Eddie Belfour: It was frustrating because you can't let these guys beat you twice in practice. I just have to get ready for the game.

OFP: There's a report you might sign with Pittsburgh in time for tonight's game.

FEB: I wish I could because that would give the Panthers a much better chance to win.

OFP: Talk about your recent hot streak.

FEB: You know what, the guys are really playing well in front of me. They deserve a lot of the credit for our success lately. They've been great.

And now,


-- The Real Eddie Belfour starts in net tonight, but you already knew that if you read the real Miami Herald today. Nice job Pete Pelegrin.

-- Bad news for Branislav Mezei. According to JM, Mezei had surgery on Monday to fix his injured shoulder and he is out for the year. Just another setback for Mez, a guy who has one season-ending injury after another. Last year he injured his knee 16 games into the season; in 2003-04 he missed 37 games with an eye injury. In 2002-03, he missed 27 games with a broken ankle and 43 with a broken foot. Hopefully Mez comes back in time for training camp and doesn't have to go through this again.

-- JM says he's happy with the current six D-men, but is looking for more depth. Once again, he mentioned Alexei Semenov (off in Russia) as an option as is Rochester's Martin Lojek.

-- It's snowing in Pittsburgh. I hit Steve Goldstein with a snowball and almost caught Brian X right in the noggin with one. I was then called immature.

I know you are but what am I? Pffffffffft.