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Uniform Decision

UniformsReebok, which some are now simply calling R-B-K, unveiled their new uniform design for this All-Star Game and next season.

Saw Garth Brooks at the swanky event, although Gary Bettman says Brooks' 10-gallon (Cooper City) cowboy hat is not part of the new unis.

The jerseys look pretty cool and they're not that different looking from what the guys currently wear. They are quite different as far as performance goes, with Marty Turco explaining that the lighter, water-resistant material will help goalies a lot. Instead of just sitting there soaking in their own sweat, these new jerseys wick away the moisture. At least that's what they say.

PS: I took the above picture. Seriously.

Up next: Talking with the All-Stars. Going to talk to this Luongo fella. Heard he's pretty good.