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Bundle Up, Kiddies

RalphieGoing to be cold tonight (yeah, even in South Florida).

According to the weather folks, it's going to get into the low 50s/high 40s tonight in the Greater Broward Area (GBA) so don't get caught outside without at least a hoodie or something.

As for me, I'm wearing shorts and sandals tonight. I feel like one of the those high-and-mighty snowbirds we always see on nights like tonight, the ones walking on Fort Lauderdale beach with shorts and a Hawaiian shirt on telling the news cameras 'Ah, this is nothing! There's 10 inches of snow on the ground in Newark! You should be there, not here!' Only the wind is whipping around the beach, the dude's toupee is flying off and he's shivering. But he's not in Newark, he's tougher than this so-called South Florida cold.

And you know what? So am I. Fifty degrees is going to feel like 72 after the cold I just went through in Montreal/Ottawa. It was so cold, every time I breathed outside (and sometimes inside) it looked like I started smoking again.

So, I'm braving this latest cold front (HA! I sneer at your cold front and taunt it a second time) the way a true hockey writer should.

PS: I do plan on keeping a sweatshirt handy. And a pair of jeans. And my ski cap. My sneakers too.

Fifty-something degrees is still cold, isn't it?

THE NEWS: Nothing much to see here. I just got back into town and the players had the day off -- save for the charity event at CSA called 'Ice and Dice.' It's for a good cause (the Panther Foundation) and the guys seem to enjoy it. I was going to head over, but I just realized my tux is at the cleaners. Oh well.

-- Again, more props to the USAir baggage folks at Philly. That's two trips in a row where my bag hasn't been lost. One more and we have a winning streak.