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Judgement Day

SmailsLike Judge Smails, it appears Jacques Martin needs to make some crucial decisions in the coming days -- maybe even hours.

Before the Panthers took on Boston in the final game before Tuesday's trading deadline, JM talked a bit about the whole trading process. Not surprisingly, he says assistant GM Randy Sexton is taking most of the calls right now. It appears JM is setting the price, with Randy set to haggle on the details.

Sounds a lot like buying a car. Think of Randy as the salesman, working the pitch, telling you how nice the ride (Gary Roberts, Martin Gelinas, et al) is. Then you write down a figure and he laughs and goes back to the little office to talk it over with his manager. Then JM sends him right back with an answer. "Sorry, we can work a little on the trade in, but the undercoating can not, I mean CAN NOT, be taken off the price! That comes from the factory you know."

OK, so I got off track a bit. Still. Feeling is someone is not going to be around here come Tuesday and I'm thinking it's probably Gelinas. JM says he has a pretty good idea of the guys who want to come back to the Panthers next year, and I'm thinking Marty's been away from his home in Canada a bit too long. Marty's going to play next year, I just don't think it's going to be on this side of the Mississippi. Marty has never said anything like this, mind you, because he's a pro and he wants to help this team win. Just a feeling I got.

And as much as JM doesn't like the guys running things in Ottawa, don't be surprised to see Florida and the Sens make some sort of deal.

JM also said don't expect any contract extensions to be completed by the trade deadline like last year. He did say the groundwork is being laid to sign some guys for next year.

THE NEWS:  Not much to report these days.