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Pink Panthers

Pink_1 Tell you what, it's good to be back in the Sunshine State. Don't have to worry about bundling up before you go outside, don't have to worry about frostbite. Sure, it's a little chilly here in Tampa at night, but nothing a nice sweatshirt can't handle.

Was hanging out by the pool at the team hotel today, saw the singer Pink down there chilling out before her big concert here on Thursday.  Seems very nice BTW. Like me, Pink and her entourage really seemed to be digging the bright sunny February afternoon. Sure beat shopping for shirts with a certain radio broadcaster (rhymes with Goldie) let me tell you.

Don't know if new goalie Craig Anderson got to get poolside today, but after spending his entire fall and winter in Rochester, hard to blame the guy if he did. Talked to Craig today, and he says he has not been told how long he'll be up here, says he has no idea how serious Alex Auld's knee injury is. He just says he's -- go ahead and groan -- happy to be here.

Ed Belfour will be back in net tonight, the cagey veteran getting another shot in net against the Lightning. On Saturday, Tampa Bay scored two goals off its first four shots and had three in seven. Sure Eddie would like to limit those chances tonight.

THE NEWS: The Panthers get to face another backup tonight as the Bolts go with Marc Denis in net. The former Blue Jacket was brought in to be the starter here, but Johan Holmqvist has stolen the job by his stellar play of late. Denis is 12-13-2 with a 3.10 GAA and a save percentage of 88 percent.

-- Jozef Stumpel says he feels pretty good and will be back in the lineup tonight.

-- Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while; took Sunday off and was doing baseball on Monday. I love spring training and will not apologize for that. In fact, can't wait to visit Orioles camp sometime this week. Orioles3