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Planes, Trains, ah, you know the rest

PlanestrainsGreat times up here in Canada boys and girls. Seriously, this is not a time to be vacationing in the aptly-named Great White North.

The snow was so bad this morning, me and Palm Beach Brian (he's pictured at left) took the train from Montreal to Ottawa. That's been the highlight of the day, so you know what kind of day it's been.

Anyway, big night for your Panthers after a nice win over in Montreal last night. They're trying to win their third straight. That doesn't happen very often. It has, however, happened before.

THE NEWS: With Gregory Campbell back in the lineup, JM sits Joel Kwiatkowski.

-- Eddie "I'm ready to speak" Belfour back in net tonight. First back-to-backer of the year for Ed.

-- Rostislav Olesz may be back Saturday; still doubtful on Bertuzzi and Stumpel.