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A Really Big Show

Sullivan_color_300Greetings from Atlanta, a city the Panthers might just want to skip.

But tonight, Florida has to face its demons. Has to play a Thrashers team that seems to have put it back together. Golly, that's good news for JM and the boys, no?

Monday, Olli said this was the biggest game in his six years with the Panthers. Sad, yes. True? Yeah, probably. As Olli said today, usually the Panthers are 20 points out right now. Coming into tonight, Florida is six points out and feeling swell. Anyone catch Chris Gratton leading the chestbumps after Saturday's Tampa Bay rout?

The Panthers can win here tonight, can snap their nine-game losing streak at Philips Arena. Florida is playing its best hockey of the year, has won four straight for the first time and aren't scared of overtime or a shootout anymore. They are a dangerous team, mainly because they are the only ones who believe they're in the hunt. Sure, people look at the six points and say 'OK,' but when you look at all the teams Florida has to jump, well, that makes things a little bit tougher.

Still, what the heck. If Florida can get three of four out of this two-game roadie to ATL and PHL, they're looking well. Nine of the next 12 are at home. Not too shabby.