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Deja Vu, All Over Again

PatsGreetings from Sunny, yet still cold, Philadelphia. The home of the Cheesesteak, President Ben Franklin and Rocky Balboa.

Didn't we just go through this a few days ago?

Yep, back in South Philly for the second time in less than two weeks and having the time of my life! No seriously, digging the Philly scene so much I'm almost sad it's just about over for another season. But, my editors tell me I get to go to Phillies camp in Clearwater next week, so the good times just keep on coming.

Speaking of tough interviews (looking at you Pat Burrell), some of you have noticed Ed Belfour is legitimately talking [to the media] again. Seriously, that's good for you, the reader. Eddie is probably the story of the year for the Panthers, so getting his thoughts on things is key. Hope to talk to Mr. Elbow tonight after the game (we're in the first intermission) but ain't betting on it.

-- Goldie says what's up. His throat's a little sore from filling in for Hank 'Mr. Hockey' Goldberg this afternoon, but he's hanging in there.

-- Speaking of Goldie, he skipped out on Cheesesteak TasteTest II. Last time out, we tried Geno's; today we hit Pat's. The vote? Pat's wins. Better steak, less kitsch. Goldie says next time we have to check out Jim's on South and 4th, so, we will. Cheesesteaks are good. Seriously. Good.

-- Ummmmm. Cheesesteaks.


JM says he wants to see D Noah Welch play a little bit down on the farm before the Panthers call him up. Welch will return to Rochester -- along with guys like Anderson, Globke, etc. -- for the playoffs. IF the Panthers don't make it, that is.

-- Shock of the Week: JM says as long as the Panthers keep winning, Eddie Belfour keeps playing. The Belfour streak now at 24.

-- Chris Gratton plays his 1,000th game on Thursday. The team is planning on some nice stuff for Gratts. Good. They did a nice job honoring JM for his 1000th game and the bar has been set.