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We're just about done here

Doody All good things must come to an end, and in this case, another Florida Panthers season will have to do.

OK, truth is, the Panthers have showed improvement and have showed they can be pretty good. Consistency is still a problem, but overall, this was a pretty good season.

And while the Panthers won't be in the chase for Lord Stanley's Cup again this year, they feel they are pretty close and next year -- no, seriously this time -- will be their year.

We're down to the end of things now, only a miracle finish Flutie
can save them from another lengthy offseason surely filled with cookouts at the arena and other fun things.

The countdown is on, as you know, with five games remaining on the schedule. Today marked the final pregame skate of the season at CorporateSponsorship Arena in south Tamarac, and tonight's game against the Caps is Florida's final night home game of the season. The Panthers play host to Carolina Sunday at 5 p.m. in the home finale.

18thhole2 Yes, the homestretch is in sight.