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Gotta Support the Team

Facepainter4The Devils are in town, and boy, talk about a desperate bunch.

The banged-up boys from Jersey come into tonight's game in East Tamarac losers of three of four and now find themselves in a tie with the Penguins for the Atlantic Division lead.

To put a spin on something Olli Jokinen likes to say, the Devils need this win more than the Panthers do. OK, I know, no one is throwing in the towel yet. I get that and respect it. But Jersey needs a win to move ahead of the Pens again and Florida, well, Florida is playing for themselves right now. A playoff spot doesn't appear to be in the cards, not unless Florida goes on what would be a season-best eight game winning streak to finish the year.

And few goalies have befuddled the Panthers over the year like Martin Brodeur. The guy owns the Panthers, even though Florida pulled off an impressive win against these guys the last time out. That win helped fuel a nice little run that got the Panthers back in the playoff mix.