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So easy, the Panthers could rip it off

CavemanThe Panthers are running new ads during breaks in which the team is trying to get season ticket holders to renew their seats for next year.

The ads are really clever.

They have this caveman looking dude in an airport (on one of those moving sidewalks) who goes by this billboard. On that billboard (this is where it gets really funny) are the words: 'Renew Now. So easy, a caveman could do it.' Well, the caveman doesn't take too kindly to the ad, not whatsoever. There's even a second ad where the caveman-looking dude apparently calls one of his other caveman buddies on his cellphone (ha! a caveman on a cellphone!) to tell him about the offensive Panthers sign.

I tell you, high jinx are sure to follow. I think the Panthers have a winner with these highly-original ads.  There was some insurance company that had similar ads, so I'm told, but they can't be as funny as these. Or as original. Have I mentioned that?

-- All of those who figured last summer that Ed Belfour was about to set the franchise record for consecutive starts in goal can go ahead and stand up right now. Wow, huh? Eddie wasn't available for comment to this blog entry unfortunately.

-- FYI: Nathan Horton says he likes Buffalo's new logo over its old ones. Says it's new-school. Thought some of you might like to know that.

-- Panthers get another backup goalie as Ty Webb, err, Conklin starts for Buffalo tonight.  I wonder if he has a lot of ties. Chevychase

-- Speaking of Cavemen (and Caddyshack): Happy birthday to my buddy Kentucky Mike, AKA Dr. Greene.

-- Speaking of Cavemen II: Love these current ads, but gotta believe the late, great Phil Hartman inspired them at least just a little. If you haven't seen the classic 'Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer' skits on SNL reruns, well, you just ain't lived Mister! Or Missus! The Panthers should just show those bits during commercial breaks. At least I would laugh.