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Hard to say Goodbye

Dscn0488This is what happened to the ice at CSA after last year's season finale. Just moments after Mike Van Ryn scored in overtime to beat Atlanta, workers began chopping and pounding at the ice (notice someone painted a smiley face on the panther at center ice).

Don't think they're killing the ice today, not with Disney on Ice coming to town. But make no mistake about it, today is Florida's last game on home ice this season.

Now six points out and needing everyone in front of them to completely choke the rest of the way, Florida goes back to finishing the string and playing role of spoiler -- even though it looks like Carolina is in the same position as your Florida Panthers.

Anyway, it's been a fun season.

Post your favorite highlights -- and lowlights -- of the Panthers 2006-07 campaign below. What I'll remember from Florida's home season this year:

Todd Bertuzzi leading the blowout of Boston on Opening Night; that cheesy Hard Rock intro featuring Olli and the boyz; daily chats with Eddie; the team ignoring it's 1000th game; the team heaping praise on JM and Gratts for their 1000th game; Nathan Horton's "the rainmaker is upfront and honest;" losing 7-0 to the Kings; the Panthers finally beating Atlanta here just a few weeks ago; the bobblehead promotion that wasn't promoted.

Sure, there are more good and bad memories, but I'm trying to keep things short.

And for those who missed it, here's the Hard Rock video: GREAT LAUGHS Thanks again to Matty for posting that on YouTube.


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They took our jobs!

Sorry in advance for a random comment and question to follow but yeah.. I happened upon your blog in my search for some quality hockey-related reading material and it's always been a good read.

I'm a Rangers fan from New Jersey but I've made it over to Sunrise for three Panthers games over the last two years while I've been vacationing in Lauderdale. I always kind of pull for the Cats, especially with the late season surges they've made the last two years, but again it's to no avail. Playoffs could mean so much down there. It's been a long time. I feel like the pulse of hockey is fading down there and I'd really like that good young team to succeed. But I digress.

I was actually kind of curious as to the situation that led to the two man advantage in the Canes game Sunday night. It's rare in the 5 minute extra frame that a team can manage to actually take two penalties. Maybe this is why I've never seen it happen, but how did that 5 on 3 manpower situation come to be? In regular season overtime, does a second penalty allow for an extra skater on the ice for the attacking team or what? I only caught the NHL Network's highlight show so there was no explanation of what was going on but I'm a tad confused. Can you clear this up for me?

Maybe I'll take another trip down next December and help the guys get some more points. They're 2-0-1 with me in the house so far. If it's not me getting them inspired it's gotta be the highly motivational "Ross Somethingmeyer Harley Davidson Is This In-Game Advertisement Really Still Going On Sell Our Soul Powerplay" announcement that booms out over the PA six times a game that does it.

it was a 5-on-3 because Allen took a hooking penalty and Eddie took an unsportsmanlike for doing the bunny hop dive across the ice. you can't have a 4-on-2, so an extra attacker was added to make it a 5-on-3. And yes, if Fla had been hit with another penalty, another skater is added for the dreaded 6-on-3.

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