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Lexington, Ontario

LexingtonFound a hockey hotbed in the most unusual of places Wednesday night. If you are ever in Lexington, Kentucky and are in the mood to watch some hockey, just head downtown.

At the quaint and cool Brooklyn Pizza and Sports Bar, they have large hi-def screens lining the bar; more importantly they purchased the NHL Center Ice package and was very willing to show it off.

When I arrived last night, a few fellows were watching the Rangers/Thrashers tilt on MSG, and by my request, we quickly lined up the Sabres/Isles on Versus (another strong night for the Versus bunch, no?) and picked up the Lightning/Devils feed from CBC (had to explain to a friend who doesn't follow hockey that Canadian fans do indeed care about a game featuring teams from Tampa Bay and/or New Jersey.)

Honestly, I felt like I was in the middle of Canada and not college basketball country.

We all had fun watching the games, had some terrific pizza (shameless plug? You bet!) and watched some pretty good hockey.

-- Never did get to see my favorite UK fan during this trip though. Must be because it's the offseason. Ashkey
True story: Met Ashley once when The Herald sent me to Nashville to cover some NCAA regional action. Was outside on the corner when she came walking by. Said hello, she stopped, said hello and told me 'Go Cats!' Nice lady.

-- CBC had a very interesting stat last night. When the Devils/Bolts went into OT, it showed Martin Brodeur is second all-time with 19 playoff overtime losses. The leader? Your Eddie Belfour with 20.

-- So, Nashville's done, right?

-- Can Calgary keep it going tonight at the Saddledome and pull even with the Wings? I don't know. It's a shame those Flames don't play on the road with the same intensity as they do at home, no? They went from bums to stars in one day. Seriously. They looked like a team that was tanking in the first two games of this series.

-- Speaking of tanking, I know the Heat didn't have anything to play for, but come on. Losing to Orlando by 26? Looking forward to watching this opening round of the NBA playoffs, think the Heat has some trouble on its hands with a pretty good Chicago team. But if Miami plays up to its abilities and has its head right, Heat in 6.

-- Big night in hockey tonight. Three teams can take their series and join the Blueshirts in Round 2. The teams? The Fighting Luongos, Ottawa and those Mighty, Mighty Ducks. I think the Pens win and return to Pitt for Game 6.

-- Some Panther news: Olli Jokinen and Mike Van Ryn both had 'successful' wrist surgery on Monday. Haven't heard what's up with Jay Bouwmeester's injured hip, nor whether Steve Montador (nose) or Bryan Allen (hernia) had their scheduled surgeries. Sure they did, sure they were 'successful.' Ever hear a team come out and say a surgery was unsuccessful? Nope, me neither.

-- OK, here's another picture of Kentucky's most famous fan. Go Cats? Well, why not. Ashley2_2