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Playoff Fever

CowbellI've got a fever, and the only prescription is more playoff games.

Seriously, it's Friday afternoon and there are no games on. What is up wit dat? So far, some of the games have been dogs but most of the action has been pretty good I think. Going into Game 2s, lots of story lines. Can the Pens bounce back after getting dogged by the Sens? Can the Stars put away their 4 OT loss to the Luongos? Could Calgary be as bad as they looked last night (I hope not, I picked them to win that series!)

-- Good news for the suddenly white hot Islanders: Rick DiPietro has been cleared to play. That said, think you stick with Dubie. Backup Wade Dubielewicz has been great for them. You don't mess with a hot goalie in the playoffs, especially when dude won four straight at the end of the season to get you into the postseason. If he slips up, yeah, bring in the money man. But until then, Ted Nolan should let DiPietro get some more rest and see what happens.

-- The Rangers got their first postseason win since 1997 when they beat Atlanta. Sound familiar Florida fans? The Panthers last postseason win came in 1997, and it came against the Rangers.


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Dallas has more playoff experience than Vancouver so despite the loss in G1 I am going with Dallas. It could go either way though since Turco tends to be miserable in the playoffs but Dallas seems more focused this year which I attribute to Modano. IMO - getting stripped of the C has given him an edge.

can't sit DiPietro - even with how well Dubielewicz has played while filling in. If it weren't for DiPietro, the Isles wouldn't have even been close to the position they were in when "Dubie" filled in.

Easy for me to say now after the Isles pulled off the huge upset, but those were my thoughts even before the game. Dipietro has really established himself as an upper-echelon #1 this year.

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