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Start of Something New

With the Panthers season on ice and you're friendly, neighborhood hockey writer about to hit the road, thought it was time to change up On Frozen Pond for the summer months. Now, before all you folks up north start emailing me about all the snow, remember this: It's in the 80s down here.

So, since one of the most popular aspects of this blog is the goofy pictures I dig up and post, I figure let's keep it going. And I want you to help. Every day, I plan to post at least a picture; some days, if I have something to say, I''ll post extra. But the pics are a staple.

Those who would like to contribute, I've set up a special email account. Send your goofiest pics -- ones that have no rhyme, no reason -- to this extra special email address. Looking forward to what you all come up with. And, this should go without saying, let's keep it clean out there.

NEW ADDRESS: stupidpictures@gmail.com


And here's one to get you started. Compliments of CBC cartoonist Charlie Teljeur. Check his other work here: I LIKE CARTOONS




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With the Herald on its annual 5-month hockey hiatus, I was kind of hoping at least your blog would give us some insider hockey stories to keep us happy during the summer *sigh*

Oh, well - guess I'll just have to fire up my NHL video games...

relax. plenty of hockey still to come

George, I will not relax until you're reporting on the pickup games Panthers players may have this summer. And you'd better be at the rookie camps, giving us long-winded detailed reports from training camp, telling us what pizza joint a certain player was at...just anything to fill the hockey void;)

Now...on to the task of watching Anaheim win the playoffs...but somehow I lack the passion in rooting for any team other than the Panthers.

Olli Jokinen was seen eating a salad at Pasquales in Coral Springs with his family. He was getting ready to go skate with Mike Van Ryn and Jay Bouwmeester at Incredible Ice. "I feel good,'' Jokinen might have said if any of this was true. "And you look like you have lost some weight. Looking good, G. Have a slice of pizza."

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