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Turn out the Lights, the Party's Over

DandydonThey say that all good things must end. And this Panthers season too. Oh!

Just kidding. Been a fun season and it's been a fun -- if not frustrating at times -- team to cover. A good bunch of guys, truthfully. I enjoy covering them and am looking forward to next year.

Enjoyed blogging all things Panthers since the preseason game in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico way back when. Enjoyed the interaction with the Florida faithful and hope you all enjoyed it as well.

Don't think this is it, though. I have a full summer planned for On Frozen Pond, details to come Monday or Tuesday. Going to be plenty of hockey talk, some baseball stuff, and of course the goofy photos. Going to include the fans of this space to write in and submit some stuff too. We're going to keep it clean, but we're going to keep it fun.

Eighty two games in the books. And that ain't counting the horrific preseason schedule. Oy.

See you around the bend.

Good day, eh.